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The Rising Empire

Nearly 1,000 years ago the Empire which spanned the entire known world, started its final legs of life when the last great Emperor died. With no clear heir, a civil war erupted that brought to an end the Empire.

An unknown time later, hundreds of years to be believed, the Enemy arose, though who this Enemy really was is lost in time for the Enemy came out and destroyed what little semblance of balance remained after the collapse of the Empire. Only by putting aside their own squabbling were the many city states able to band together and after what is known today as The Great Purge were they able to defeat the enemy.

Today there remains little of the once great Empire, parts of forts lining the many roads built across the world, and the roads themselves though the stone is mostly dirt and overrun with weeds. Yet there seems to be a new threat rising, as some of the gods themselves have gone missing, their followers left alone and in the dark, unable to understand what is happening and why they were abandoned. Who is this new enemy? What is happening to the gods, the very gods who have been incredibly active these last centuries?

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